There are different types of WhatsApp Campaigns that can be operated using WhatsApp Business API:


— Broadcast WhatsApp Campaign
You can run these campaigns for a one time campaign.

— Personalized
You can use custom variables by uploading a CSV file with different fields and using these column fields to personalize the messaging for each campaign.

— Scheduled
You can assign the campaigns to operate & start on a particular time period.

— Funnel
You can create WhatsApp Funnels by creating a sequence of time-based messages. And then run, Funnel Campaign in order to operate sequential campaigns.

— Personalized + Funnel
Use personalization & WhatsApp funnels to make your campaigns use custom fields and message your list with their name and personal information each time any campaign is sent.

— Personalized + Scheduled
Use the personalization & Schedule feature to send messages at a particular time period.

— Personlized + Funnel + Keywords
Use automatic keyword triggers and pre-schedule WhatsApp funnels with personalized custom variables.

— Creating Marketing Funnels Using Funnels + Keywords
Setup an automatic sequence of messages by setting up Keywords & attaching WhatsApp Funnels which will be automatically scheduled once the user sends you an incoming message containing the keywords set up in the backend.

— Creating Automatic Keyword Triggers & Setting Up List Segments
You can create segments of list using Keywords. Once, you have a significant amount of database collected after running any kind of WhatsApp campaign and receiving incoming replies. All your contacts are segments based on keywords. You can use this database to run retargeting campaigns to specific segmented audiences stored in the system.